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Thepleasingobsessiom: Hi ;) what can I say my man likes booty pics :)

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April 18, 2016    734,910    58    473
Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Thepleasingobsessiom ( )



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flag as inappropriate jackin    March 18, 2018VResident
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Love that ass

flag as inappropriate BirdO    Jan. 23, 2018
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THAT is a beautiful ass !

 Thepleasingobsessiom    Feb. 11, 2018VResident
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Thank you :)

flag as inappropriate B33msu1    Dec. 29, 2017

I need this

 Thepleasingobsessiom    Dec. 29, 2017VResident
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I love to hear “need” ;) I’m going to need you to slap my ass and pull my hair!!!

flag as inappropriate B33msu1    Dec. 29, 2017

Oh baby I’d pull your hair as I get so deep inside of you. Make you scream a little. Your pics are so hot. Wish we could fuck

flag as inappropriate big boy jay jay    Nov. 14, 2017

oh my im dying to fuck you so good and deep till i bust my nut inside you

flag as inappropriate rosswilliams728    Nov. 13, 2017
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Oh My... I love your gorgeous ass and puffy pussy lips..... thank you for your message on my picture... please take my cock deep.. it is all yours..... kik or skype me... rossallen700

flag as inappropriate jackin    Aug. 28, 2017VResident
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Love that ass

flag as inappropriate Dirkdiggler7122    July 31, 2017VResident
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Lots of really sexy ideas filling my head as I become erect appreciating your awesome ass

flag as inappropriate jackin    July 30, 2017VResident
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I love your ass

flag as inappropriate Evil_ten21    June 6, 2017
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So for some reason I seem to cum back to this photo over and over. Every time I do I just want to bury my face and lick!! I could get lost in that ass and pussy!!

flag as inappropriate 1simply    June 5, 2017

Oh how I would like to stick my tongue in your pussy and ass...then fuck you until we both collapse then do it all over again...

flag as inappropriateHubby wants to play    May 24, 2017
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Damn, you have I fantastic ass!
Do you mind if I cum all over your ass.

flag as inappropriate Hornydick40    Jan. 21, 2017
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Mmm, your ass and pussy are making me so fucking horny right now. I just want to blow my load in your ass and pussy until I fill them up!

flag as inappropriate tetoncpl    Jan. 15, 2017

Ummmmm soooosexy.

flag as inappropriate Suckmedry    Jan. 1, 2017
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Very fine booty to picture!!!

flag as inappropriate LustLord6    Jan. 1, 2017

all would work it por hours!

flag as inappropriate jackin    Nov. 12, 2016VResident
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flag as inappropriate Thewolf3612    Nov. 10, 2016
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Such a beautiful body, tight firm butt and sexy little pussy

flag as inappropriate that guy    Nov. 7, 2016
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makes my cock so hard!

flag as inappropriate thickbigdick    Aug. 19, 2016

hi sexy ass I cant private message you dont have a vcity account only a temp one.keep posting would love to rattle you.such a beauty.

flag as inappropriate Aj410    Aug. 18, 2016


flag as inappropriate Evil_ten21    July 5, 2016
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I can see why!! I think I am in Lust with it myself!!

flag as inappropriate Naughtygirl123    May 12, 2016

You have a very sexy ass...its so spankable

flag as inappropriate Andrij    April 30, 2016VResident
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That is a great view ...!!!

flag as inappropriate Chrissy    April 29, 2016
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Great pose, great ass , super girl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 Thepleasingobsessiom    April 30, 2016VResident
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Thank you :) I love hearing from and knowing other chicks are checking me out ;) sooooo sexy ;)

flag as inappropriate Jessiesdds    April 28, 2016VResident
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Love to taste that !!

flag as inappropriate adrian l.    April 21, 2016VResident
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The most exciting sight on the planet--your fine ass on my screen!!

flag as inappropriate Stefje    April 20, 2016

Sexy ass beauty

flag as inappropriate Evil_ten21    April 19, 2016
VCity Userpic

That's because that is one sweet booty!! I hope to be able to see more of it soon!!

flag as inappropriate psvw    April 19, 2016VResident
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is it due to the perfection of your curves?

flag as inappropriate OSURE    April 19, 2016

That Is One Lucky Guy To Have All That Ass To Him Self. What A Way To Start The Day. . Great One Night Stand. YES. ?????

flag as inappropriate Mid 50 Canadian Couple    April 19, 2016

Thepleasingobsessiom .,.,.Superb view.,.,.your husband is a lucky man to have such a booty to enjoy.,.,.this post is just fine with my cup of coffee this morning.,.,.Sweet Pea is liking your post and video,s.,.,.you have the booty and the perfect natural tits .,.,.,Keep havin fun.,.,.We both enjoy your site.,.,.

flag as inappropriate raven    April 19, 2016VResident
VCity Userpic

well I can see why !! that's a very fine booty ,and I like to look at it also. !! the question is do you like it in all holes ??? you sure have the ass for it !! thanks

flag as inappropriate So Cal Admirer    April 19, 2016VResident

I love the way your man thinks...That's an incredibly sexy ass... Thanks for sharing!

flag as inappropriate Johnnyb    April 18, 2016
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What a great pic of your amazing ass and smooth lickable pussy! Made my dick rock hard in just a sec!

flag as inappropriate medman29    April 18, 2016VResident
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A man would have to be blind not to live that sexy ass!! Now you have me fantasizing about sliding my throbbing cock in between those cheeks and watching my tip melt inside your warm wet pussy!! Oh to doggy fuck you sexy lady!!

flag as inappropriate Dave    April 18, 2016

Me too, and you have a very nice booty to show off. You know that butts is what make the world go around.

flag as inappropriate hardnrockin    April 18, 2016
VCity Userpic

So do I when they are that fine! Oh how I'd love to tongue your pussy and asshole to a few orgasms!

flag as inappropriate walterva    April 18, 2016
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I wonder why;) what a fantastic booty.

flag as inappropriate dokken    April 18, 2016
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great looking ass

flag as inappropriate Beth & Will    April 18, 2016VResident
VCity Userpic

Nice matching freckles.

flag as inappropriate akthumper    April 18, 2016VResident

Beautiful buns baby, !!!

flag as inappropriate ouchita    April 18, 2016

Can't say I blame him, with that view....

flag as inappropriate John Morgan    April 18, 2016VResident
VCity Userpic

Sweet ass and bald pussy

flag as inappropriate Tyro    April 18, 2016
VCity Userpic

Obviously, he has wonderful taste!! And mmmm, I'd so love to taste!

flag as inappropriate sugar dick    April 18, 2016
VCity Userpic

Mmmmmmmn................such a lovely booty!!!!

flag as inappropriate Shovelhead Fred    April 18, 2016VResident
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flag as inappropriate bootyman    April 18, 2016
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That's a good man!

flag as inappropriate justrite    April 18, 2016

Awesome,I can see why.

flag as inappropriate macouple    April 18, 2016

We like it too. Way to go man!

flag as inappropriate fireman    April 18, 2016
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With a booty like that what's no to like !!

flag as inappropriate showme34    April 18, 2016

Mmmmmmmm I love that round sexy ass! GORGEOUS!

flag as inappropriate Chuck    April 18, 2016
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Mmm I love her ass too

flag as inappropriate ddc    April 18, 2016VResident
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With a booty like yours I can see why. I hope we get a lot of pics of your ass and tits

flag as inappropriate D & L    April 18, 2016
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Perfect ass!!! Love the view!

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