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Thepleasingobsessiom: Since you guys like watching me get fucked so much this is the first of a few ;)


We have decided to make another video and I can’t wait!! This one will be in late January in North Carolina and will be me with 2 guys ;) I hope the guy I messaged earlier will take us up on it and I will need another ;)

We will provide travel $$ and accommodations:) if you’re interested HMU ;)

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Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Thepleasingobsessiom ( )



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"I can't wait to see all of you sexy people :) I hope you enjoy my pics and vids as well :) I like to chat with guys and chicks ;)"


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flag as inappropriate drgng    Nov. 22, 2017VResident

The second one is great. Looks like you were fucked really good and had multiple orgasm's.

flag as inappropriate drgng    Nov. 21, 2017VResident

How about you getting fucked doggie style and focus next time

 Thepleasingobsessiom    Nov. 21, 2017
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My most recent is very clear I hope you like it

flag as inappropriate rppena123    Nov. 21, 2017


flag as inappropriate Robbie    Nov. 20, 2017VResident
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I sure hope the vid that's up coming is better quality than this one this one was really grainy couldn't tell if you were a gal or a guy and if you were on top or the bottom !!!!!!!!!

flag as inappropriate jackin    Nov. 20, 2017VResident
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You can sit on my cock

 Thepleasingobsessiom    Nov. 21, 2017
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I would love to can you get to north Carolina in January

flag as inappropriate jackin    Nov. 21, 2017VResident
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Wish I could

flag as inappropriate Fokker    Nov. 20, 2017VResident

Great action. Wish the focus was better.

flag as inappropriate Foto guy    Nov. 20, 2017
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Damn it sounded so good. Too bad that nothing could really be seen. Any chance you could try it again and this time focus it.

flag as inappropriate sugar dick    Nov. 20, 2017VResident
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Damn!!!! I really want you to cum ride me like that!!!

flag as inappropriate Leo B    Nov. 20, 2017

Love the vid, you are so fucking sexy.

flag as inappropriate Pleaser    Nov. 20, 2017VResident
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Come to the west!!!!! I will totally preform for your vid I just can’t get work off during the holiday season

 Thepleasingobsessiom    Nov. 21, 2017
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I don’t know if you have seen my message but we are looking at a weekend in late January with that work

flag as inappropriate Luke69    Nov. 20, 2017VResident
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Of course we love watching you get fucked, you are so hot. Love to see the final video when done.

flag as inappropriate Zeke    Nov. 20, 2017VResident
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Love the vid... Hate the fuzziness... No clarity.... Sigh....

flag as inappropriate 1simply    Nov. 20, 2017

Love watching your videos but I really think you do need a camera man...Yes I'm UP for the job...Love seeing your tits hanging while your getting fucked....

flag as inappropriate Beth & Will    Nov. 20, 2017VResident
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We wish this one was a little less blurry, but we still lovecwatching you beca “hot wife” while your BF sits next to you and videos your pleasure with another man. That is sooooooo hot.

flag as inappropriate white devil    Nov. 20, 2017

God I'd love to be licking your asshole while you are getting fucked

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